What smartmerger.com offers

Smart Consulting

Our unique tools enables us to run complex projects like due diligences much faster than normal consultants. Also, we do not only consult, but take over project responsibility to get faster better results.

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Smart Assessment

Smart Assessment is the first and only web-based online tool platform that is specifically designed for due diligence processes like mergers & acquisitions (M&A), Carve-outs, Spin-offs, MBO/LBO und IPOs.

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Project Management

Get your hands on the project from the first minute. Exchange information quickly and highly secure, collaborate with your internal and external partners effectively and track all open issues efficiently.

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Who is smartmerger.com?

The smart Company Mission
Increasing efficiency in complex company transactions like M&A or outsourcing by applying smart methods and tools.
The smart Philosophy
[sma:t] adjective: intelligent, brainy, effective, resourceful. Before start, plan carefully and choose tools to get your results more effectively and efficiently.
The smart Promise
We are part of your team and ensure that things are going more efficiently. We we bring the tools we need with us. No extra costs, no hidden fees.

Efficiency increase by using M&A tools

time savings 65%
resources 50%
material costs 40%
quality 30%

What Client’s Say

The support of Michael and his team was highly valuable for us. For instance we were able to shorten the whole set-up phase by reusing proven processes and tools. By using his smart assessment tool for the IT-Due Diligence we gained an efficiency increase of about 30%
Mark, Multinational Manufacturer