Welcome to smartmerger.com

Smartmerger.com is a privately held company, located in Germany. We have built a unique tool suite based on our experiences from dozens of complex IT-Outsourcing and M&A projects. Demonstrably we have shortened the time for complex data collection by more than 50%, while obtaining an even higher level of quality – compared to conventional methodology.

Smartmerger.com smoothly integrates in your teams and ensure that critical processes are running more efficient. We bring our tools with us, without any extra charge or hidden cost. If requested we  can also supplement your team with experts from our partner network (eg.  legal, software asset management, Information Technology, Outsourcing).

All services of smartmerger.com follow on common vision:

“We are increasing efficiency in complex transactions to save time, cost and to achieve higher quality for our clients.”

Meet Our Team

Michael Klawon
Michael Klawon Founder / Management
Michael has more than 20 years of experiences in complex, multinational projects, outsourcing deals and mergers & acquisitions.
Petar Nikolov
Petar Nikolov Co-Founder / Technical Lead
Petar is a multi-talent technical expert with many years of experiences in enterprise applications as consultant, architect and developer.