Smart Assessment

Smart Assessment is the first and only web-based online platform that is specifically designed for questions and answer processes of a due diligence. Equipped with highest security standards, interactive dialogue, revisions and version management processing, it is a must-have tool in complex projects such as mergers and acquisitions or divestitures (M&A), outsourcing or complex data gathering.

Our clients choose smart assessment for the following scenarios

Smart Assessment takes an innovative approach, because it focuses on questions and their answers, rather than documents. It complements traditional data rooms and even allows a primary data collection of difficult to gather information. Wherever the desired data is widely scattered throughout the organization and a lot experts need to be consulted, in order to obtain a sufficient decision basis, Smart Assessment is the tool of choice!

The information gathering during a due diligence is a meticulous, time-consuming and costly process – for both sides, buyer and seller. Many experts need to get involved and countless data have to be defined, collected, consolidated and analyzed. Especially in complex, multinational deals the number of people involved increases dramatically, and with it the efforts for coordination and to make sure that everyone has the latest and most up-to-date data on hand.

In preparation for a spin-off, carve-out or buy-out the “stand-alone readiness” is one of the most critical steps to be ensured. All assets belonging to the new entity needs to be identified and valued. This list will eventually define the key terms, disclosures and/or provisions of the contracts, as well as for any data room, set-up for conducting vendor due diligence.

The information technology has become the backbone of the business processes of a company. Often the IT is tailored to the company needs and any breakdown could seriously harm the business with significant financial consequences. Therefore, the stability and business continuity is the highest priority in every outsourcing project. It is the domain of the IT due diligence to map this sensitive landscape and to evaluate potentials and risks. But often the IT is hardly adequately defined and data has to be collected from various experts – a time consuming and costly data gathering process starts.

Third party software is closely linked to its license agreement, that legally allows for usage, transfer, modification or reproduction. This self-evident association might get out of sight over the time: Hardware is handed off to other people; software updates are downloaded or new software installed. Often it is overlooked to update the corresponding license agreement. Therefore the major software vendors have a “built-in audit right” to verify if a customer might be under license. A violation could not only result in great expense, based on an indemnification clause, but also personal liability of the company´s owner and/or management.


Why smart assessment

  • reduce time by more then 50%
  • pre-configured customer scenarios
  • thousands of ready-to-use Due Diligence questions
  • advances Q&A functions
  • audit trail, compliance log
  • highly secure