Smart Consulting

We do not leave you alone. We take over responsibility in your project and to make sure you reach your goals more efficiently and faster.

Our clients choose smart Consulting for the following scenarios

“We need someone with an entrepreneurial thinking and acting, somebody who has interest that the projects becomes a success, who thinks ahead and gets it’s hands dirty.” Smart Consulting chooses together with the client the working model and selecting the appropriate tools.

Based on your individual project situation we configure and calibrate our tools suite. Jointly with your experts and combined with our expertise we pre-fill the Playbooks, collaboration and communication areas. You either choose our ready-to-use knowledge assets (ig. Due Diligence Checklists for different scenarios) or we jointly setting-up your content.

We can take over responsibility for project work streams. During a due diligence we usually act as a full service provider:  From project setup, providing the DD questionnaire, management of the whole team (internal and external), coordinating of the data collection process and providing data results and findings.

With the efficiency increase our clients get faster to the results, obtain higher quality and save costs (eg. for a big data collection team). In many case we act as an entrepreneur and share with our client the saving that are made.

As a neutral party we can also do review and advisory work. For instance we help clients to meet their governance responsibility by reviewing compliance issues. Software Asset Management is one of this example.


Why smart consulting

  • increase the efficiency in your transactions
  • save time, increase quality, get results faster
  • make your team smarter with our smart tools
  • we take responsibility and make your project to ours
  • leverage our experiences and highly secure tools