Smart Project Management

You can never change a first impression. Demonstrate right from the beginning a strong Project Management, that is prepared and well equipped with experiences and proven methodologies and tools. Our method frameworks contains pre-configured Playbooks, Issue Management, Communication and Collaboration tools.

Our clients choose smart project management for the following scenarios

In complex projects the number of people to be coordinated and to be informed are going through the roof. Even high experienced project manager are calling for support. Instead of increasing the PMO team, our clients aimed for smarter help by applying our method and tools. As part of the team and jointly with your experts we care about theses complexities.

Being prepared is the first step. Having a complete master plan is better. And smartest is, when this master plan breathes with your project: changes could be incorporated, team members feels well informed and up-to-date, all project data is and hand, guidelines, policies and templates are on a finger tip available. Our only playbook (some call them handbook, master plan, story book) is an online, web-based project knowledge base with sophisticated project management features.

Decision is announced, project lead is nominated,  project can start. The project team is always one step behind. Get into the driver seats and control the information flow. Our PM suites encompasses ready-to-to tools like online meetings, work spaces,  Issue Management, FAQ and Wikis.

The favorite complain: The information flow does not work. Make sure all your team members and stakeholder are working on the same page. Have a information portal, FAQ and have knowledge assets and guidance always up-to-date.

A signed NDA is a burden for the project team: How to exchange confidential information? Our secure platforms allows ready-to-go document sharing, with dedicated roles and user rights for work spaces or single documents.


Why smart project management

  • reduce time by more then 50%
  • pre-configured project handbooks
  • all templates, reports, guidelines on hand
  • Details work break-downs
  • Export to MS-Project
  • highly secure